Tips for easy car interior cleaning

The Most people depend d to their cars in the daily transportation. Be it forgoing to work, shopping , taking your kids to school, and many other tasks.With these constant uses , it is no wonder that the car accumulates dirt . However, if it is not given due importance, it can start to cause problems . Usually the trend is to devote more time to cleaning exterior of the car. An often overlooked part of cleaning is the car's interior cleaning . Due to the different materials that a car has, such as leather, plastic, vinyl, carpets, upholstery, among others, the task of keeping the interior of the car clean is not always simple. To get more tips, please read: best car interior cleaner

However, we have put together some practical tips to help you easily clean your car interior .

Car dashboard

This area of ​​the car , because it is constantly exposed to the sun , tends to fade. Thus, constant care and protection of this surface is necessary . We recommend that this task is performed with some frequency .

To clean the car dashboard, first of all, you must spray the Silicone Renovator WD-40 directly on soft, microfiber cloth. This is the right product to clean the dashboard.Then carefully clean the entire surface. In addition to removing all dirt, this product protects the dashboard against the accumulation of dust and gives a new shine to the interior of the car .

Car upholstery and carpets

The banks and the car floor mats are , probably , the elements most commonly used . As such, they are an important part that requires cleaning. To do this, start by removing all carpets from the car. Shake vigorously with safe distance from the vehicle . This is the easiest way to remove loose parts, hair and other debris. Then, you should use a vacuum cleaner, with the appropriate accessories , to eliminate all crumbs and debris deposited in place of the carpets and on the car seats.

Finally, we recommend using a soft, microfiber cloth and a cleaning product suitable for the car's upholstery material . Here it can vary, between fabric or leather. Follow the cleaning instructions for the chosen product, giving special focus to areas where there is more dirt . If you notice that the car mats contain stuck dirt, you can spray that area with the WD-40 Multi - Purpose Double Action product and, with the help of a small brush,carefully remove the dirt.

Interior of car doors

These areas of the vehicle can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and the WD-40 Silicone Renovator .The process is similar to that of the car dashboard. Thus, b as ta put some product n a cloth and clean the entire surface of the door.

Interior windows

A good glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth should always be used for all internal windows. In order to avoid unpleasant residues, avoid spraying the glass with the product . Therefore, you must first spray the cloth and then clean the glass.

These are just a few tips that you should put into practice if you like to see your car clean and with a new look . However, there are many other precautions you should take with your car .

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The uses described for the WD-40 Multipurpose Product were shared with the WD-40 by the users themselves. These uses have not been approved by the WD-40 Company and are not a recommendation for use by the WD-40Company. Common sense should always be applied when using WD-40 products.Always follow the instructions and take note of the warnings described on the product packaging.